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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kids on a winter break in the
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Article II

When ever one talks about God the stark reaction is where is God? It is only man and the scientist who matter.
by Tirlok Singh Suri

When we look at basic science and its wonders, we stand in awe of the Creator-Waheguru, who created it all billions of years ago and about which Guru Nanak Dev ji has written in the Guru Granth Sahib ji 500 years ago. Those who are blessed with intelligence and education should use the same even more to understand and appreciate the Creator. The designer and creator is much bigger than the one who understands, His creation. Newton did not create the gravitational force which holds the whole universe in place. He only understood it, and still Newton is considered one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has said that He, The Creator, is Present in all his creations. In today’s language let us understand it in this way that he has put a computer chip in each of his living creations – be it a human cell, a beautiful flower or a fruit tree. A tiny seed of Banyan becomes a huge Banyan tree under the right climate and condition. On the contrary a heap of steel cannot produce even a small screw on its own, nor all the world’s earth can make a small earthen pot on its own. This means that even these insignificant things have to be made by someone. All this makes us even more aware of the one who created us, gave us a brain which cannot be replicated by even the best computer, our computer controlled eyes which no camera however sophisticated can match. This implies that we should understand that it is God who has created us and is creating everywhere and He is everywhere. We need to realize that we are under “His Radar”, His surveillance and wherever we may be we cannot hide from Him even under the cover of money or power. His computer chips are in every cell of our body and every action of ours is monitored. We are rewarded when we do right and punished when we do wrong in this life only

We are blessed that we are born into Gursikh homes. We must remember that a Sikh was made after 250 years of teachings and sacrifices of our Gurus which include the supreme sacrifices of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Guru Gobind Singh’s Sahibzadas, his mother and many blessed Sikhs. We consider Guru Gobind Singh ji the creator of Singhs as our father. No body asks us for sacrifices in return for the sacrifices made by the Gurus but at least we should feel obliged and not turn away from Guru Gobind Singh Ji, our father by declaring that we do not want to be your Singh and instead become patit with cut hair and beard and join those people who being 33 crores meekly accepted to become slaves of a few hundred raiders for one thousand years. This is not meant to demean the common people because our raw material is derived from them only. It is that a Sikh has passed through the furnace and come out as a finished product, but if the finished product is again thrown into the raw material it is bad business . We should infact create more. When somebody cuts his / her hair he/she stops being the Guru’s sikh or child. It is similar in a way when a child stops using his father’s name - then the child should not expect the protective hand of his father on his head. To avoid this situation children should at a very young age be taught the path of righteousness and the pitfalls of going astray.

The most apt saying is ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. in this we must ourselves understand and make our children understand also what the real things of value in this life are. The greed for money has ended in the family being totally unhappy and lonely. The first casualty in our pursuit of money has been our spinelessness and weakness in our not being able to stand up proudly with our ‘Sabat Surat’. This has led to people not being able to say no to any wrong temptation in life leading to a totally disastrous family life. This has resulted in the children going abroad for the so called ‘better life’. Not understanding that this is in actuality a path to loneliness and severe mental depression as they and their parents can never be happy away from each other. As a consequence their children too at an even earlier age desert them in the pursuit of their individual happiness. The cycle of desertion is then completed. The one who has deserted his Guru is then deserted by his children. This must be understood that any money sent by the children from abroad to their parents can never take the place of your children living with you.

We must remember that we reap what we sow. If we sow wheat we will get wheat and if we sow . ‘Dhatura’ (poison) we will get the same in plenty. So this is the time to sow, to teach your children the rights and wrongs of life and the value of Guru Sahiban’s teachings and sacrifices for us to live like a Sardar and not like an ordinary meek human being .

It has been seen that those who desert their Guru by cutting their hair get deserted by their children who invariably end up by settling abroad. Our children unlike the offspring’s of animals are designed to stay with us, love and be loved, care and be cared for, and not be exiled into foreign lands- denied and to deny the warmth of being near your dear ones. We need love and care for a long number of years and so do our children. When we send our children away after giving them education at the age of 25 – 30 years they loose the love of their children much earlier at may be 10 – 11 years or at the most 17 – 18 years.

It is imperative that we reverse this trend. We definitely need to work and earn money to live but we should not become slaves to it and lose many finer human values like the love of children and grand children. This is a bad bargain. We must set our priorities before we are overtaken by these petty temptations.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life is a Single Opportunity

We must remember that life to live is a single opportunity. We cannot rewind life and live it again. Time that has passed has gone forever and cannot be recalled for us to live it again. Therefore, we must think and decide our priorities for our whole life and try to live life that way rather than thinking of it in slots i.e. money, career, children etc. It is seen that most people think about career and career only till they retire and hardly about other major aspects of life.

As we say in golf if anything goes wrong with the game 'come back to the basics', so in life. When in life you lose your path or sense of direction come back and think where you have gone wrong.

Basic Priority
When a child is 5 – 6 years old his brain is fully developed like when you buy a new hardware of a computer. We must start teaching the right path and moral values of life to children right from the age of 5 years or even earlier. A child at that age is receptive to the input which you wish to impart and will not resist learning. But when the child becomes a young man of 16 or 17 years and has gone on a path which you think may lead him astray, at that time of his life when you try to guide him to the better path, he may not listen because he may be very busy with his school/college and other extra curricular activities or some other activity. He then cannot spare enough time and patience for us so that we can explain him the rights and wrongs of life.

Mostly what children learn from parents, teachers, friends and relatives is how to achieve greater heights in their professions and very little if at all about how to live a full and happy life because mostly a man learns from people who themselves are in the same rat race as we have been so why blame him? That means he may only learn much later in life when his own children in their own pursuits desert him but then naturally it will be too late. But this is what is happening around us. Therefore, lucky are those children or grandchildren in the age group of 3 –13 years because there is still opportunity for them to learn. Be firm and loving with the children at the same time and explain to them things and values that will stand them in good stead in their lives and even how to bring up children and grand children. They should be explained about God, Sikh way of life and good values. More than financial support what they need is your love and guidance. This does not mean that they only want parents as friends actually they really need parents as parents who can guide them and when they go wrong even scold them. If your children are better Gursikhs and better human beings than you and if they make your life happy and satisfying then you have done your job well. Our basic duty is to make our children better then us then only we feel happy.

Basic Principle of how life should be lived
There is a difference between human beings and other animals. God has given animals only small computer chips. They instinctively eat, deliver their young ones and take care of them upto such time only till they are able to fend for themselves. But God has given human beings a full – fledged brain. No computer, however big can match a human brain. As such there is a lot of difference between human beings and animals

Man always needs love and care especially when he grows old. The second important phase is the age between 45 to 90 years in a man’s life. At the beginning of this phase, your children are young men and women already in their chosen fields and way of life. How they interact with you makes this phase of your life a burden or a blessing as this is the time when you need your family or rather your extended family the most. To ensure that this phase of your life is a blessing, you need to take steps when your children are still very young. They need to be told and shown by your own example how they must interact with their elders and what their rights and duties are. When the children are young, they take full advantage of their rights but invariably forget their duties when the time comes. Here, your contribution to their life and growing up would ensure that they do not forget their duties towards you and this will automatically contribute to the well being of the society. This can only happen when you are in your prime therefore give more importance to teaching your children what is right and wrong, even if it interferes with your pursuit of a fantastic career money and status cannot ensure happiness. Whereas if you invest in bringing up your children well, it ensures that your life and your children’s life is full of happiness and a complete sense of achievement results from a life well lived.

Times change Values Don’t
To achieve the above desired result i.e. a full and happy life first of all we must keep this target in front of us all the time. When we step on a road, we always see where the road leads us to. This means that if from Chandigarh our destination is Amritsar we won’t take the road to Delhi, which is in the opposite direction. We need to preserve the old values, which were good and not discard them simply in the name of modernity. At hindsight we see that family life was much better during our parents’ time and partly in our age too, but today divorce is very common. Children once divorced do tend to learn after a couple of years of the divorce but then to what cost - valuable time of their life is already lost and so many complications crop up which they rue for the rest of their life.

We have seen the ‘hippy’ culture during our life. These hippies were considered to be a ‘happy go lucky’ lot. The airports, railway stations, hotels, beaches etc. were all infested with hippies but now we hardly come across them. The reason being that permissiveness is against the norms of a good moral society, a lot of them may have fallen prey to ‘ Aids’ and the more intelligent among them may have realized the value of a family life and gone back to their families. Therefore, one must go back to the better things in life, may be it be old style or modern. We must accept what is good regardless of the time or period because the norms of society are made in thousands of years and you cannot wish them away at your will. Norms keep staying we may not. In our parents’ time, children used to treat their parents with love and devotion. Religion was practiced and explained to the children. A lot of time was spared for the children. Time spent for the moral upliftment of the children was considered more worthwhile than money spent and given to them. But now times and values seem to have changed and the result is catastrophic.
Many children have lost their sense of direction. Money and its power have ruined family life. Permissiveness and divorces have dented the faith and trust between the members of the family. A few years of easy life and then repenting as a result, wastes life in more ways than one can fathom. But if you are lucky and have your family still intact then this phase of your life which is a long span in ones life can be the most enjoyable with your children and grandchildren. Nothing can be more enjoyable than your grandchildren and in return, the grandchildren learn to live a decent, happy and a full life. Religion and religious studies play a very important part in creating a happy life. We are lucky that we are born in Gursikh families.

Try to understand the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, where Guru Nanak Dev Ji has shown us the path of a complete life in much detail. Every line in Guru Granth Sahib ji needs a lifetime to learn and live. It is complete Braham Gyan. Take full advantage of it right from the younger age so that you don’t repent at the 11th hour. This is the time to learn so that you enjoy the real pleasure of life for many many years. Please don’t waste even a day. Do it now.
S. Tirlok Singh

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